Bad Bouquets

In this activity you will be giving out a gift of a bouquet of almost dead flowers to people in a misguided attempt to be nice.  Since the flowers are almost dead, people will realize you are not actually being nice at all.

This activity encourages people to think twice about supplying cigarettes to teens by comparing the gift of almost dead flowers to another bad way to be nice; giving cigarettes to teens.

  • Almost dead flowers
  • Pen
  • Enough paper gift tags to go with the number of bouquets of flowers
  • Ribbon to attach gift tags (used or black ribbon that is worn)
Activity Description:
  1. Gather your team and any supplies you’ll need.
  2. Put together bouquets of almost dead flowers.
  3. On each gift tag write the message “Sometimes being nice isn’t nice at all. Don’t give cigarettes to teens!” finishing with the “Bad Ways To Be” url).
  4. Hit the streets! Give your bouquets to anyone you see in the target group (anyone who looks between the ages of 19 and 25).
  5. When approached by people to whom you have given the “bad bouquet”, talk to them about the Bad Ways To Be Nice campaign by comparing this bad way to be nice to supplying teens with cigarettes.
Notes and Other Thoughts:
  • This is an ideal activity to do in a well-trafficked area where you can distribute as many gifts as possible. For instance, a college or university campus, the mall or in your downtown would all be great locations!
  • The “bad gift” doesn’t have to be almost dead flowers, it can be any gift you think people would be disappointed to receive.
  • Always stay safe. Do this activity during the day and in pairs.
Suggested Speaking Notes

If someone asks what you’re doing or why he or she is getting a bad gift or bouquet of dead flowers here are some suggested responses:

If you are affiliated with a particular group, describe yourself and your team. Tell them that you are just doing your good deed for the day, and giving out a little gift to anyone you see. Ask if they would like one. If they open it and look perplexed, go on to explain the Bad Ways To Be Nice campaign, touching on the points below:

We are giving out dead flowers to demonstrate a bad way to be nice. It’s part of a campaign that focuses on another, really bad way to be nice –giving cigarettes to teens. Our research shows that many people who supply cigarettes to a younger sibling or friend do it because they want to be nice. But giving a cigarette to a teen is really not nice at all.

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